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The  UN International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) held in Cairo in 1994 was a turning point in the way we approach population issues. It firmly placed the needs and rights of the individual at the heart of development policies and programmes and envisioned a world where all people – women and men, young and old – enjoy equal opportunities and freedoms to make choices and pursue their own life aspirations.

The Programme of Action adopted by the ICPD established a firm link between population, development and human rights, health and gender equality and set an agenda that would:

  • „  respond to population dynamics within a human rights framework;
  • „  advance gender equality and empowerment of women;
  • „  promote sexual and reproductive health, including maternal health;
  • „  increase access to education, especially for girls;
  • „  address issues of urbanization, migration and environment;
  • „  ensure that everyone experiences the benefit of sustainable economic development; and
  • „  promote participation of civil society.

ICPD Beyond 2014:  Shaping a future based on rights, dignity and health

As the 20-year deadline for achieving the ICPD goals approaches, a global review of the state of population and development is underway. The review will assess achievements made since Cairo and identify outstanding issues and new challenges. It will serve to renew political support for the Programme of Action, which has been extended beyond 2014 by the UN General Assembly, and will inform the post-2015 development agenda.

As part of this process, the Sixth Asian and Pacific Population Conference (APPC) will be convened by the Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific, in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), from 16 to 20 September 2013 in Bangkok.  The Conference will serve as an intergovernmental platform for the Asia-Pacific preparations for the special session of the General Assembly on the International Conference on Population and Development Beyond 2014. 

The Asian and Pacific Population Conference has been convened by ESCAP for the past five decades. Every ten years the Conference plays a critical role in setting the agenda for population and development policies in the  region. In addition, the Conference has provided a vital forum for forging and strengthening partnerships across the region in the field of population and development.

Building on the ICPD Global Youth Forum Bali Declaration

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In 2012 youth, government, civil society and UN representatives from around the world met in Bali to agree a set of recommendations to address key issues for youth. The Bali Declaration provides a framework for action on health, education, work, families, sexuality and rights and civil participation. Online engagement of youth was a key feature of the Bali Global Youth Forum. This year the ICPD Youth Leadership Working Group have prepared an online toolkit to support youth to engage and advocate for the Bali Declaration at Regional Population Conferences. Click on the banner above to find out more about how to make youth voices heard around the 6th APPC and beyond.

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