Programme for Global Youth Forum 4-6 Dec, Bali

4 December 2012

 8:00am-9:00am | Security

 9:00am-10:05am | Opening Ceremony

Master of Ceremonies: Mr. Robert Skinner and Ms. Agnes Monica

Vice-President of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Boediono

UNFPA Executive Director, Dr. Babatunde Osotimehim

Co-Chairs of the International Steering Committee: Ms. Rishita Nandagiri and Mr. Rinaldi Ridwan

10:05- 10:30am | Agenda & Introduction to the World Café Process

Youth Representative on behalf of the International Steering Committee


10:30-11:00am | Break


11:00am-12:00pm | Plenary 1 – Staying Healthy

Keynote address: Dr. Babatunde Osotimehim, UNFPA Executive Director

Moderator: Ms. Susan Sawyer

Expert: UNFPA: Dr. Laura Laski

Respondent: Government of Indonesia: Dr. Nafsiah Mboi, Minister of Health

Young Person Commentator Ms. Meredith Waters

Interactive Plenary Discussion


12:00pm-2:00pm | World Café 1 – Staying Healthy


2:00pm-3:00pm | Lunch


3:00pm-4:00pm |Plenary Identifying priorities for action for Staying Healthy: Plenary discussion


4:00pm-4:30pm | Break


4:30pm-5:30pm | Plenary 2 – Comprehensive Education

Moderator: Ms. Shama Dossa

Expert: World Bank Representative in Indonesia

Respondent: Mr. Chernor Bah, Youth representative on High level committee for Education First

Young Person Commentator Mr. Muhammad Shakir

Interactive Plenary Discussion


5:30pm-7:30pm | World Café 2 – Comprehensive Education


8:00pm | Cultural Event & Dinner


5 December 2012

8:00am-9:00am | Security

9:00am-9:05am | Brief Video presentation of previous day highlights

9:05am-10:05am | Plenary: Identifying priorities for action for Comprehensive Education


10:05am -11:05am | Plenary 3 – Promoting Transitions to Decent Work

Moderator: Mr. Sydney Hushie

Expert: ILO

Respondent: Mr. Michael Wiechert, German Government

Young Person Commentator: Mr. Samuel Kissi

Interactive Plenary Discussion


11:05am-11:35am | Break


11:35am-1:35pm | World Café Session 3 –Promoting Transitions to Decent Work


1:35pm-2:35pm | Lunch


2:35pm-3:35pm | Identifying priorities for action for Promoting Transitions to Decent Work for Youth


3:35pm-4:35pm | Plenary 4 – Families, youth-rights and well being - including sexuality

Moderator: Mr. Ricardo Baruch

Expert: ARROW

Respondent: H.E. Anatole Collinet Makosoo, Minister of Youth, Brazzaville Congo 

Young Person Commentator Ms. Paulini Turgabeci

Interactive Plenary Discussion


4:35pm-5:05pm | Break


5:05pm-7:05pm | World Café Session 4 – Sexuality, Families & Rights


6 December 2012


8:00am-9:00am | Security


9:00am-9:05am | Brief video presentation of previous day


9:05am-10:05am | Plenary: Identifying priorities for action for Sexuality, Families & Rights

Theme Moderator, Members of the SC and 5 facilitators.


10:10am-11:10am | Plenary 5 - Leadership & Meaningful Youth Participation

Moderator: Ms. Rachel Arinii Judhistari

Expert: UNDP and UNV

Respondent: Mr. Rodrigo Amaral, Advisor to Brazilian Minister of Youth

Young Person Commentator Ms. Sara Vida Coumans

Interactive Plenary Discussion


11:10am-11:40am | Break


11:40am-1:40pm | World Café Session 5 –Leadership & Meaningful Youth Participation


1:40pm-2:40pm | Lunch


2:40pm-3:40pm | Identifying priorities for action for Leadership & Meaningful Youth Participation


3:40pm-4:00pm | Virtual Conversation Highlights

-      Hosted by Mr. Robert Skinner, UN Foundation


4:00pm-5:20pm | Plenary 6 – Realising Youth Rights

Expert: USAID-UNFPA consultant, Mr. Bruce Dick Youth Co-Authors– 20 min.

Interactive Plenary Discussion – 60 min.


5:20pm-5:50pm | Break


5:50pm-6:00pm | Adoption of the ICPD Bali Youth Declaration


6:00pm-6:30pm | Closing Ceremony

Special Young Person Guest: Ms. Agnes Monica

UNFPA: Ms. Nobuko Horibe

Indonesian government representative:  Dr. Nafsiah Mboi, Minister of Health

International Youth Steering Committe Members


7:00pm | Dinner & Concert

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