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Forty-three percent of the world’s population is currently under 25 - and the number of young people is rising fastest in those parts of the world with the lowest economic growth.  The ICPD Programme of Action made the needs of youth a priority and yet in all countries of the world, progress on youth issues is lagging.

Today’s youth are more connected and tuned in to the world than any generation before. They are growing up fast, in a world that is changing even faster. Fortunately for all of us, young people see the challenges before them in fresh ways and are responding with enthusiasm and imagination.

With the right investments, young people everywhere can reach their full potential as individuals, leaders and agents of progress. They have the potential to transform the social and economic fortunes of their communities, particularly in least developed countries and the world clearly needs their energy, their participation and their skills. Yet depsite their enormous stake and potential contribution to solving global challenges, youth voices have not been part of the mainstrean development debate.

In early December 2012 the ICPD Beyond 2014 Global Youth Forum, in Bali changed that forever. Providing the first UN mandated process, led by global youth, for global youth, over 3000 onsite and virtual delegates came together to make recommendations that formed the Bali Declaration - a groundbreaking document that will go directly to the Secretary General to help shape the future development agenda.

The Global Youth Forum presented state of the art thinking from UN, NGOs and governments and youth leaders on five crucial issues:

The ICPD Global Youth Forum Bali Declaration


To see how these recommendations were formed watch presentations, plenaries and virtual conference broadcasts from Bali

For advocacy tools to help ensure that the Bali Declaration informs the future global development agenda sign up at the ICPD Global Youth Forum website



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