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In 2011 the population of the world topped 7bn – double what is was just 40 years ago. Population growth will continue into the middle of the century - nearly all of it— 97 of every 100 people — in less developed countries.

Gaps between rich and poor are growing. Urbanization and migration continue. Women lack access to education. Young people are frustrated by lack of opportunities to earn a living. Climate change is of increasing concern and more people than ever are vulnerable to food insecurity, water shortages and weather-related disasters.

Meanwhile, many rich and middle-income countries are concerned about low fertility and ageing. Whether we can live together on a healthy planet will depend on decisions that are made now.

The ICPD Beyond 2014 review is an opportunity to mobilize everyone - individuals, international agencies, corporations, parliamentarians and civil society to make sure our leaders make the right decisions now for the future of everyone.

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